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2011 West Chapman Ave.

Orange, CA 92868

Tel. (714) 634-3738

Fax: (714 634-2283


Email: [email protected]

"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"



PACIFIC WEST provides full counseling services administered by its staff of instructors under the supervision of the deans. Such counseling is available throughout the day and in the evenings before or after class. The student should request an appointment with a specific counselor at the Academic/Administrative Office.

By requesting such appointment and indicating the nature of the student’s inquiry or problem, it can be determined in advance whether files, transcripts or other reference material will be required. Thus, when the student meets the counselor, the meeting will not only be more productive, but also less time-consuming.


Pre-application counseling is encouraged for those interested in learning more about Pacific West College of Law. This will provide personal insight into the admissions process, admission criteria, academic standards, and many other concerns confronting entering and transfer students.


A strong academic counseling program has been developed to maintain close contact with each and every student at Pacific West College of Law to insure a successful law school experience. The Deans and faculty members are available to discuss with students any concerns that may arise during the course of their law school career. Faculty are encouraged to treat students as if they will be practicing law together in the future.

Academic Counseling on Final Examination Bluebooks

Students are encouraged to receive academic counseling on final examination bluebooks for the immediately preceding semester or summer session. The purpose of such bluebook counseling is to identify in depth both the strengths and weaknesses in a particular bluebook. Such feedback can be invaluable in improving the future performance of any law students.

There is no possibility of any grade change, however, as a result of academic counseling on final examination bluebooks. For that reason, appointments for such counseling may not be scheduled until after the period of bluebook review.

Where no petition for a re-read of a particular bluebook has been submitted, an appointment for academic counseling on that bluebook may be made as soon as the deadline for submitting such a petition has passed.

Where, however, a petition for a re-read of the particular bluebook has been submitted, and appointment for academic counseling on that bluebook may be made only after such petition has been acted upon and a final adjudication had been rendered by the appropriate Review Committee and such adjudication was communicated to the student and the student’s bluebook or exam copies had been returned to the student.

Appointments with an appropriate member of the faculty may be made through the Academic Department addressed to the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Participation on the FREE OF CHARGE MOCK BABY BAR

Students particularly First Year students are encouraged and given advice to take and participate on the Free of Charge Mock Baby Bar administer by the Law School.